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The Whiteshill & Ruscombe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) web site will continue to be enhanced to reflect changes made to the Plan as it evolves over the coming years.

You are welcome to comment on any aspect of the Plan and your comments will be taken into consideration by the NDP - Steering Group and may well be incorporated into future revisions of the Plan.

We have created this site to enable our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to be available for scrutiny and comment throughout the duration of its life by residents of Whiteshill & Ruscombe together with other interested parties.

Begun in 2013, we initially worked on establishing a substantial “evidence base” of information that was used to support our NDP. This “evidence base” comprises:

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Neighbourhood Development Planning

Extract from DEFRA Report on:

Neighbourhood Planning The rural front runners: research and case studies April 2013

In addition to the above surveys the Steering Group, aided by volunteers from the community, accumulated information relating to Whiteshill and Ruscombe covering the following topics:

This information was used to create the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Whiteshill and Ruscombe.

Once completed the initial Neighbourhood Development Plan was submitted to Stroud District Council for checking. It was then publicised by them for one last consultation period prior to the Plan being submitted for examination by an independent examiner appointed by Stroud District Council.

We achieved this stage by Friday 8th January 2016.

The Referendum:

The Whiteshill and Ruscombe Neighbourhood Development Plan went to public referendum on Thursday 18th August. the results were a 21% turnout with 88% in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.

As a result this Plan will now become a legal planning document and sit alongside the Stroud Local Plan and will have to be taken into account when planning applications are being considered for the area.

Neighbourhood planning has been introduced through the Localism Act as a way for communities to have a greater say in how where they live and work should change and develop over time. The Act devolves greater powers to councils and neighbourhoods, and gives local communities more control over housing and planning decisions.

Neighbourhood planning differs from Parish Plans and Village Design Statements in that, for the first time, if a plan is brought into force, then very real weight is attached to the community’s plans and aspirations. This represents an excellent opportunity for the community to influence and shape change, to address particular concerns, with a strategy grounded in and reflecting local knowledge and objectives.

NDP   Acknowledgements


The importance of a Neighbourhood Development Plan in determining the manner Whiteshill & Ruscombe develop over the coming decades cannot be overstressed. Your Parish Council together with the Neighbourhood Development Plan - Steering Group are fully committed to the protection of our local environment combined with the sustainable growth of the community. To be successful the continuing widest possible support from the whole community is required.


This document should be read in conjunction with the;

Basic Conditions Statement
Consultations Statement
Green Horizons Document
Sustainability Assessment.

Please note that within this Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and associated documents the term “open countryside” shall be deemed to mean “common land, fields, farmland and woodland”.

 “Green spaces” shall be deemed to mean “recreational areas” such as the Playing Field.

In addition, where relevant within this NDP we have provided further clarification of certain terms or phrases to ensure their meaning is fully understood.

For an in-depth Glossary of the terminology used within the planning system, please refer to the Stroud District Council web site: Appendix 4 Page 173.

Submission to Stroud District Council:

The Whiteshill and Ruscombe Neighbourhood Development Plan was formally submitted to Stroud District Council on Friday 8th January 2016.

You can follow the progress of the Plan through the examination process by clicking on the following link to the Stroud District Council web site.